We’ve all been there. Ready to sit down and work and focus and concentrate on that ONE THING that we’ve decided we’re absolutely, positively going to get done today when…the notifications start coming in…status updates ping…emails announce their arrival…texts beep, or breaking news or whatever else it is that the world decides to dangle in front of us, shiny distractions that pull us from where we are into the ether of getting-nothing-done.

It’s so easy to get distracted in a world that’s turning 24/7 when you tune in 24/7 too.

Honestly? Sometimes you just need to un-tune. Turn the phone off or just go ahead and remove those app-distractors from the screen altogether. Give yourself the gift of time without the world poking it’s nose in. Time to create, to concentrate, to focus your own sweet time on the things that you really want to focus it on.

It’s not altogether unthinkable, you know.

More and more of us are finding out that we can really do with less distracting. In fact, minimize the distractions and you not only up your productivity, creativity, and progress, but you just might improve your mood.

Less apps for more happy?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

So why don’t more of us do it? Why don’t more of us at least turn off the phone for awhile during the day, especially during our peak performance hours?

Turns out we need those little pings-of-notifications, or at least we think we do. In fact, those little blips or beeps or whatever other sound you’ve set your notifications to, they do more than alert us that something’s happening. More than just releasing a bit of the feel-good chemicals into our brains, they tell us that we’re connected. Needed. Important.

That we matter.

Which is really what we all need to know, are aching to know, are determined to know – even if it’s just the notice from Twitter that someone’s liking something we said earlier.

We all just want to know we matter.

But here’s the thing – if we’re always depending on the world or twitter to tell us that we matter, we’re never going to focus long enough on creating the things that might just really matter.

You have gifts, and this world needs them. I’ve said it before and it’s true – there’s no one in the world, never has been and never will be, that can share your own unique gifts in the way that you can share them. But if you’re not giving yourself time to share them? If you’re too distracted by the momentary and the fleeting, then how in the world will the world ever know how amazing you are?

And you are. Amazing.

And you matter.

So maybe turn off the distractions, tune out the noise, and give yourself the gift of time to sit down and work and focus and concentrate on that ONE THING that you decided you’re absolutely, positively going to get done today?

You’re worth it.


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