Yes, even you.

You who looks in the mirror and sees the flaws first.

You who remembers failures too often.

You who scrolls through posts and measures her reality by that yardstick of best-foot-forward-even-if-it’s-make-believe.

Yes, even you are spectacular.

“We are all ordinary.

We are all boring.

We are all spectacular.

We are all shy.

We are all bold.

We are all heroes.

We are all helpless.

It just depends on the day.”

(~Brad Meltzer)

Yes, even you.

Even you.

Always remember how spectacular you are.

And then remember again and again and again.

Remember that you are not the worst mistake you’ve ever made or the most stunning success you’ve ever achieved.

You are not the most disheveled you’ve ever looked or the most astonishingly elegant either.

You are not the flaws you notice or the failures you remember or the dishes that pile up in the sink and sit for far too long.

You are spectacular and amazing and gorgeous and messy and you fall and you fail and you get up and you try again and you are bold and brave and scared and shy.

You are human and a delight.

And you’re spectacular.


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