Hey there beautiful you, I am so glad to meet you!

I'm LuAnne - writer, music-maker, joy-seeker, determined searcher for grace.

I'm a composer, singer, pianist, guitarist, violinist, and wanna-be trumpeter (still working on that one!).

But what I want most of all is to find grace every day.

You too?

Then pull up a chair, maybe steep a cup of tea, or put on a pot of java, and let's talk...

...about grace and hope and love and yeah, all that messy human stuff that makes life...life.

I hope you find some hope in these pages, some grace maybe too?

Me? Well most days you'll find me losing track of time writing lyric or melody or prose, cooking up a storm using more spices and herbs than a pantry ought to hold, or rosining up the bow and playing that piece just one more time - hunting for grace, mostly, in the small things. Because, of course, that's where it's found most readily, if you look.

I have a bunch of amazing sons and amazing friends and a family that I adore, which some might consider luck, but it's really all grace when you think about it.

I also have a most amazing God. Or "higher power" if you prefer. Connection to energy works too. I'm not really all that into names, so it's all the same to me.

I waited a long time before taking God up on Her offer to live out loud and be who She created me to be, but I finally up and did it and released my first CD "Beautiful You" and found out that folks were listening and actually liking my music, for real.

Grace, again and again.

And then I went ahead and released another album and called it "Crazy Grace".

Yeah, that sort of says it all.