The noise can be deafening, the distractions relentless, the pace unsustainable.

If you let them.

We live in a world of constant motion and constant demands for our attention. The technology that has so changed the world is so changing us. Too many of us spend too much of our time on things that simply waste our time, and too much of our money on things that simply waste our money.

It’s all too easy to let the quiet space where creativity dances be invaded by the minutiae that fills our world.

It’s all too easy to be swept away by the shiny, the new, the bells and whistles, and the momentary happy of buying and clicking and getting and swiping.

And it’s far, far too easy to ignore the still small voice inside that reminds us who we really are and Whose we really are and what we really are.

It’s far too easy not to dance our own dance.

But it’s hard not to let the world in, hard to make room for the creative in our lives. Maybe even harder than it’s ever been.

With instant answers available to anyone within ten feet of a device, why bother figuring them out for ourselves when Google is more than happy to deliver? Why bother making do with what we have when ordering a new whatever-we-want is a click away?

It’s easy to settle for a life of instant gratification rather than put the world on hold for a bit and put the work into making a life of meaning and gratitude, easy to let the distractions dictate our days instead of intentionally living our days.

Easy to let the noise and the pace swallow you up.

But you don’t have to.

You really don’t have you.

You can dance your own dance, find your own quiet space of creativity, live this moment authentically and bravely.

Of course, it’s harder.

Creative living, authentically being, is not the path of least resistance. It’s much easier to type and click and search for someone else’s idea of what to make for dinner with the chicken you’ve got and the leftover potatoes and the zucchini your neighbor gave you than it is to think and imagine and experiment and try. It’s just easier to let someone else’s creativity be our blueprint for living than to craft our own.

But here’s the thing: it’s never as amazing.

Because it’s in the very act of creating our own lives that we bring our self fully into our lives. When we show up and bring our own ideas and our own creativity and our own self to the table, this is when we’re fully living.

The story you write, the picture you paint, the meal you create or the nursery you decorate or the business you start – these are gifts that only you can share. And if you don’t share them – if you don’t allow yourself the time and the space and the chance to dance truly your own dance – the world will never have them.

And the world needs them.

There’s only one of you.

There will only ever be one of you.

You are an original and the truth is that no matter what you’ve heard or what you think inside where clouds of doubt live, the world needs your gifts.

We need your heart and your mind and your beautiful, beautiful spirit.

Yes, the noise and the distractions might try to tell you otherwise.

But it’s okay to go ahead and ignore them.

It’s okay to turn off the distractions and find the quiet space where creativity lives.

It’s okay to dance your own dance.

Because the truth is,

your dance is beautiful.


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