I love my house. It’s tucked into the woods far enough to feel like you’re…well…like you’re tucked in the woods, but still close enough to town so you can walk down the hill to Main Street to pick up a gallon of milk.

Of course, I don’t really do that. Walk down to Main Street to pick up milk, I mean. Because then, you see, I would have to haul the milk back up the hill.

And it’s kind of a steep hill.

And I really don’t like climbing steep hills. Well, unless they’re on a treadmill and I have the option of changing their degree of steepness at will.


My house.

It’s nice. And, also, kind of isolated, seeing as how it’s tucked in the woods a bit. But that’s okay, because I get to see a lot of wildlife. They pop themselves out of those woods every so often for a visit.

Okay, they don’t so much visit as they sort of just wander out of the woods and then get really surprised that there’s a house – and more importantly, a human – sitting not ten feet away from where they wandered out.

That would be my patio. Where I like to sit and think and play way too many games on my phone.

I usually don’t have the wits to switch my phone to the camera setting before they take themselves back to where they came from, these woodland visitors. Because I’m usually thinking something like – “Oh my goodness – a baby deer! It’s so cute. Where is its mother? Is it lost? Wait…where’s my camera? Oh yes, here in my hand.”

Or maybe “Wait, what? Are you kidding? Is that actually a fox? Wait…is that THE fox? Wait…where’s my camera? Oh yes, here in my hand.”

And so, of course, I don’t usually get pictures.

But sometimes I do.

They wouldn’t turn around, these turkeys. No matter how much I asked. Oh, and also…please excuse the quality of the photo. I mean, at least I managed to get the camera on my phone turned on in time to actually take it…


This guy is my favorite visitor of all time. Because he let me get super close, and – I swear this is true – he actually posed for this shot.


Yes, this is a moose. Yes, he (or she) is standing right there ‘neath my laundry line. Yes, I probably shouldn’t have been out there with a camera. But seriously? How often does a MOOSE visit you?


Okay, this one’s sort of a cheat. I mean, chickens aren’t really wild animals. But the truth is that I love this picture so much, I had to include it. So sue me.


Another really grainy photo of a turkey. Who I really hope finds somewhere to hide in about a month. Or maybe for as long as however-long-it-is-until-turkey-hunting-season-ends.


I don’t know for sure, but I think I might just have a bit of Snow White in me.

Well, except for the domestic ability part.

And also, I don’t live with seven guys.

But I do like to sing a lot, so there’s that.

And wildlife seems to like me, or at least they seem to visit quite a bit.

So there’s that.

Yep, the more that I think about it, the more I think that I’m practically Snow White.

Sort of.


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