I’m just gonna say it – there’s way too much to do and not enough time to do it all. And sometimes trying to do everything leaves you feeling like you’re not doing anything much worthwhile. Besides, it’s summer and I still have some of those 20 things to do before it ends. So I’m re-posting this thought because sometimes we all need to remember what to fill our time with, and maybe what we need to go on and let go of.

(a re-edited post from the archives)

I don’t know many people who complain about having too much time.

Okay, really, I don’t know any people who complain about having too much time. Most of us are trying to stretch minutes and moments longer so we can fit our everything in the day.

We fill our 24 hour allotment of today sort of like we fill our closets.

Chock full of stuff, and the crazy thing is that most of it is stuff we don’t even wear.

We seem to sort of need to fill empty spaces. And yeah, it’s way easier to buy more, do more, fill the calendar up more, more than it is to empty out and let stuff go.

Emptying out is hard.

Letting go can feel like loss instead of what it really is – creating space for grace.

So we hang onto things for too long.

Dresses and shirts and that scarf that we never wear. Shoes we never put on because even putting them on hurts, and jeans that we never don because, yeah, we’re not twenty anymore. But we don’t let them go.

Letting go is hard.

Of shoes and other things.

So we hang on.

Hang onto habits that waste moments, hurts that waste love, mistakes that waste focus. And as we fill the closet of our time with too much tv or too much technology or just too much running after the wind, pretty soon we find we’re hanging onto things that aren’t who we really are. Hanging onto a life that isn’t the one we’re meant to live.

Isn’t it time to stop doing that?

Isn’t it time (maybe past time ?) to clean out and clear out and toss out and create some space? Closet space. Life space.

Soul space.

Grace space.

What if today, just today, we threw open our closets and tossed out the unneeded, the not-us, the old habits or old shoes that just don’t fit anymore?

What if today we tossed out the old hurts we’re hanging onto and tossed out the grudges and just let some light in, some white space for dreams to play?

That’s a challenge. Harder than tossing old sweaters and belts and shoes even. It takes time and work and the willingness to walk by faith and believe that when we forgive we’re really and truly set free.

Believe that when we let go of un-forgiveness, we’re creating space for grace to enter in.

Space for what really matters to us. Space for who we truly are. Space for love and light and joy.

Space for grace.


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