It’s the crazy ones who say it.

You know who they are.

They’re the ones that start a band when they’re fifty and have no connections or experience or reason to think that they’ll succeed. But they do it anyway, and they love it, and somehow they figure it out.

They’re the ones who take up running when they’re pushing forty and vow to run a marathon and then have the audacity to actually do it. Twice.

They’re the ones who decide somewhere around their 60th birthday that they’ve always wanted to play the violin and go ahead and buy one and take some lessons and find out that they’re pretty good at it and it’s pretty darned fun.

They’re the ones that believe it and dare to live it.

They’re the ones that know.

You’re never too old.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” isn’t reserved for the young or the experienced or anyone – it’s true no matter who you are and no matter where you are on life’s journey.

But there is a catch. Of course.

You have to believe it.

Believe that that idea you have – the one that keeps coming back and keeps nudging you to do and doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer – that idea may not be all that far-fetched after all. Those lessons you’ve been thinking of taking, maybe thinking for years of taking them, or that new skill you know nothing about but just want to learn because you just want to learn it? These whispers from somewhere inside of you that there is something more inside of you…

…they could very well be your soul speaking.

Divine inspiration or the muse inviting you to dance or deep calling to deep and whispering that there is more.

And really, who wants to mess with that? When the Divine speaks, I think we can all agree that we ought to at least listen.

You might think it’s impossible. You might think you’re too old to do anything of the sort you’re thinking of. But the truth is, you’re not.

Those examples I mentioned earlier? Starting a band at fifty and taking up running at forty and picking up the violin for the first time at sixty? They’re not stories I plucked from my imagination. They’re real stories. Real dreams and real lives and real people and I’ll bet you know some too.

You know who they are.

They’re the ones that believe it and dare to live it.

They’re the ones that know – you’re never too old.


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