We got in the car and just sort of drove and drove and yeah, it’s not really like me to not have a plan, but I honestly didn’t have a plan, except maybe a plan to spend some time with my kids before they fly far and wide and my nest empties out.

We went North. Just because, I guess, it sounded like a good thing to do.

Looking for an adventure, some time away from work and monotony and real life. Or maybe just some fun.

I didn’t know what I was looking for, but if you’d have asked me I don’t think I would have said I was looking for the moon.

And yet this, this is what I found. A sliver of a moment, filled to the brim with peace and peace and some moments do this – let the soul exhale long and finally.

Grace touches down even when you’re on different soil and the soul hears her speak in a thousand different ways. We call these moments luck or coincidence but they’re really not either of those. They’re just grace and all we need to really do is to say thank-you.

In the human desire to create, we reveal our wonderment with life. Despite a world saturated with noise, we would live in isolated silence if not for the transcendence of music. Art and love are sublime virtues that inspire us to embrace our anguish and savor the beauty of being.

Within each of us is the opportunity to contribute to the song so . . . . . “Sing your life.”

We found a string shop. Of course we did. Because I’m a string player and why in the world we were surprised surprises me. And a bookshop and an ocean to marvel at and ice cream to let drip down our arms but really, if you want to know the truth of it, we found each other.

And that quote – the one on the statue of the Jazz & Blues master with his saxophone. Of course with his saxophone. Did I mention that son of mine who plays the saxophone like he was born to do it?

By that point we’d pretty much decided that heading North was just about the best thing to do and if it takes hundreds of miles to find what you’re looking for when you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you should definitely take the trip.

Sometimes what you’re looking for is just that still small voice telling you that the world really needs you and really needs your gift and needs you to contribute.

Maybe a nudge to say go on and savor the beauty of being and sing your life, and sing it aloud so we can all hear because this is how we create the song.

Within each of us is the opportunity to contribute to the song so . . . . . “Sing your life.”

This, then, is what I was looking for, I think.


Well, and also that amazing moon.


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