So, we’re past the Winter Solstice which means that winter is officially ours to play with and the days are getting longer.

It’s also the time of year to make merry and to make resolutions. With less than two weeks before we ring in 2022, though, time is getting a bit short.

Might I suggest something different than the usual list of things we want to “improve” about ourselves?

Because really? You’re doing great and you’re actually amazing, even if you don’t know it.

But there might be a list you want to make.

A list of things that you just need to stop doing.

It’s not a list designed to improve how we look, or how successful we are, or how well we stack up next to the ones next door.

I think advertising does enough of that, and really? I don’t think that helps.

What I do think helps is to fix what’s keeping us from loving well. Loving each other and loving our own self.

Maybe the best resolution is the one that you make to rid yourself of all those joy-stealers that creep into a life?

A list of things to stop doing.

You know them. We all know them.

We all do them.

Holding on to anger,




comparison. (It kills, you know.)

Waiting to start doing what we really, truly, want to do.

Regretting. (The single biggest waste of time).

Trying to please everyone. (Never gonna happen, my friend.)

Having to be right. All. The. Time. (Does this ever lead to joy? Just asking…)

(I could go on. I mean, I have gone on. Because this is not a new concept for me, so check out the links below for more inspiration.)


So maybe, before you write up that list of resolutions, take a moment to reflect not so much on what you need to do, as what you need to stop doing.

And maybe make some space in 2022 for joy?


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“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier’.” (~Alfred Lord Tennyson)


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