You’ve heard the expressions, right?

Almost two years into this pandemic we all know them. “The Big Quit”. “The Great Resignation”.

People are leaving their known for the unknown in record numbers.

At first glance, we – individualistic and achievement-oriented folk that we are here in the West – might think this phenomenon of quitting is a bad thing.

Sort of goes against the whole idea of, well, achievement. Which we’re sort of fond of.

But quitting might not actually not a bad thing.

In fact, if Webster is to be believed, one definition is:

to set free: relieve, release

It is, however, definitely a brave thing.

I would argue, if I were the type to argue, that quitting is actually necessary for survival. Every day.

Not quitting a job every day, or a relationship, or a living arrangement.

But quitting every day from judging, maybe?

Judging others. Judging yourself.

Maybe just up and quitting, every single day, from doubting yourself? From blaming yourself?

From negativity in general?

And this – can you imagine this, what the world would like if we all just up and did this – quit holding onto that grudge or that anger or that idea that we can’t somehow connect with anyone who has a different opinion?

Maybe it’s just freedom that’s waiting for us. The freedom that comes from quitting that dream which you know used to be you, but just really doesn’t fit who you are now?

Maybe quitting is actually the best thing to do.



“Quitting something that’s not working requires self-awareness and courage.” (~Glennon Melton)


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