So, the days are getting shorter and yeah, even my cat can’t deal with the changing of the clocks. And me? I’m just trying to fit too much into the twenty-four we’re all allotted, along with maybe just all of the rest of us.

Filling minutes and hours and days and a lifetime with to do lists can end up leaving you rest-less.

Which is just exactly the thing you do not want to be when you’re looking at a calendar that’s filling up fast.

And we all know it, but it’s easy to forget that it’s really only when we slow down to rest, slow down to sit in the space of grace, slow down to gaze at Love and be gazed upon too – that we fill the well of our own self.

Running all the time can leave you running on empty, and we could very well run dry before the end of the year if we keep the pace fast and furious instead of slow and grace-full.

Time can always be grace-full.

The flakes flew today, even gathered a bit on the grass, to remind me that the days are flying too and what – really what – am I doing with these minutes of the hourglass? Where am I spending them? What am I buying with the moments of my days?

And at the end of the hour, will I be left with an empty glass? What if, instead, I take the time to re-fill it?

Yeah, I know. Who in the world has time in this world to sit quiet and still when Thanksgiving is days away and there’s more than a bit of dirt on the floors and more tracked in every day and you’ve got a houseful coming to carve a bird for?

Can I kinda, sorta suggest, maybe – you? Maybe you can carve it out from somewhere, give yourself the gift of peace and grace and a bit of time to breathe and prepare for the gift that’s coming when you welcome all those loved ones to gather ‘round and give thanks?

And yes, I know. Carving requires cutting. Make space for something new and you’re gonna have to get rid of something else ‘cause not one of us is getting more than the twenty-four.

But I think that maybe just now, that’s okay.

Because maybe grace wants to settle in for a good long visit, if we’ll open the door and make a space. And maybe we don’t have to get it all done, fit it all in, or figure it all out this very minute.

Maybe, just now, it’s more important to fill the well.


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