Actually, that’s not altogether true. Mama never really did say there’d be days where you’d lose hope, lose faith, lose sight. Or maybe she did, and I just went ahead and forgot before childhood gave way to real life.

Seems you can find yourself almost drowning in a world of pain almost before you realize the whole wide world holds that much pain. Reading the headlines and reading the worry lines can leave you wondering if there really is any such a thing as a happy ending.

But this week as we spend time fixing tables and the fixins to go on those tables, maybe what we really need is to find the good stuff. Find some good news.

Goodness knows we need it.

I have this gratitude habit, like a lot of other folks. And it’s a good habit to have, as far as habits go. Jotting down everyday grace, counting blessings in journal and heart. Pen-to-paper counting which yes, can change your outlook. But it’s sort of a private habit, you know? The counting to self, with self, mornings or evenings or whenever you find the time to think and to thank.

But I wonder if maybe there could be a better way, or at least a more human-to-human way?

Could we practice Thanksgiving by really giving thanks not just for each other, but to each other?

Maybe close the journal some and open the heart more. Fill these rushing-around days with less of the rush-to-buy and more of the rush-to-see?

Maybe if we change the lenses we wear that focus in on mistakes for some clearer ones that zoom in to see the good in each other, we can change holidays right into holy days.

Maybe every day can be a holy day if we fill it up with seeing and speaking thanks right out loud for little things others do?

Who knows? Maybe hammering out a new habit of thanks-giving can turn every day into a day like this.


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