Most people, when asked why they’re not pursuing their dream (whether it’s their career/job, or their physical fitness goals, or even a hobby that they’d really love to take up) will answer in one, if not all, of the following ways:

…I’m waiting for the right time…

…I’m waiting for the right place…

…I’m waiting until things get less busy in my life…

…I’m waiting for the right opportunity.

But the truth is that…“Soon is not as good as now.” ~Seth Godin

…this could be the right time and

…this could be the right place and

…things will never get less busy unless you make them so and

…how will you ever know if this is the right opportunity if you don’t take it?

See the thing is, most of us are just plain scared. Scared of failure and scared of success.

Scared of change and scared of the unknown.

But the truth is that at the end of the day, at the end of a life, no one ever, ever, ever looks back and regrets the chances that they took.

No one says that they wish they hadn’t spoken up for what they believed in.

No one says that they wish they hadn’t written that book or that poem or that post that they’d felt called to write.

No one says that they wish they hadn’t learned that thing they wanted to learn, taken that trip they’d dreamed of taking, created that piece of art that they’d always wanted to create.

We may regret that we didn’t do them better, but we never regret the chances we take…we only regret the ones we don’t take.

The truth is that there is a right time.

And a right place.

And that time is now. And that place is here.

So, what are you dreaming of doing?

And what are you waiting for?


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“Soon is not as good as now.” ~Seth Godin The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.

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