It could go wrong. But it could go right.

You could fail. But you just may fly.

It might be a waste of time. But then again, you just might have the time of your life.

The thing we call time? It’s blazing by fast these days, and we all know by now that the next day’s not exactly guaranteed. Which is why that one amazing something that you really want to do?

You should do that.

Life is meant to be lived and I know you know this but I’m gonna say it anyway: your dreams? Your passion? That’s your purpose.

And just in case you’re wondering and fretting and living in all sorts of angst because your passion won’t pay the bills, let me assure you of this truth – it doesn’t have to.

That might not be your passion’s purpose.

It might, of course, turn out to be your full-time gig, pull down six figures, and set your kids up for life. All of which would be totally awesome.

But it also might be that thing that lights you up when you snag a couple hours to immerse yourself in it at the end of the workday. It might turn out to be that thing you do instead of spending two hours watching reality TV every night. It might just be that thing that gives you so much joy and delight.

And that’s totally awesome too.

I can’t say which it will be, but I can promise you this: time spent feeding your soul by listening to your heart, is never wasted.

If it feeds your soul – do it.

Because at the end of the day, at the end of a life, what will have mattered is that you’ve done what your soul was meant to do, whether it’s origami or music or cooking or gardening or acting or playing the piano or writing a comic strip. If it’s what moves you, lights you up, and sparks your joy, it’s valid. By definition.

The important thing, the vital thing, is that you say yes to inspiration’s invitation, throw your hat into the ring, jump into the arena, and dare to fly.

What matters is that you embark on the adventure.

It could be a grand adventure, you know.

It could be the grandest of adventures.

And I think you deserve a grand adventure, whether you’re nineteen or ninety. So why not take the chance and start?

It could go wrong. Yep. True.

But it could go so so right.

You could fail. You could. Agreed.

But you just may fly so so high.

It might be a waste of time.

But then again, you just might have the time of your life.



The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have.” (~Henry James) “Live, for this is the time of your life.” (~William Saroyan)

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