You’ve no doubt heard that the biggest reason people fail to realize their dreams is because they give up too soon.

The culprits we’re told are responsible for our failure to follow-through?

Not enough patience.

Not enough vision.

Not enough motivation.

Not enough. That’s what it comes down to, right? We fail because of what we don’t have enough of.

This is the story we’re sold, and too often it’s the one we buy.

But maybe there’s another story.

Maybe the elusiveness of success isn’t because we don’t measure up, but because we don’t believe we do.

Believe you don’t have enough of what you need and you’ll fold up shop, give up hope, ditch the dream.

It’s not just dreams that get derailed when we don’t persist. Life can spin out of control or maybe it’s just the washer spinning that has us spinning yarns about how we don’t have enough time or money or space or talent for even the daily. We start to repeat the story.

And the train moves pretty fast from not enough patience and not enough vision, to not enough me.

Yeah, repeat that enough and it starts to get just a bit too comfortable.

You can wear “not enough” like a cloak and hide your whole self inside it.

But the real honest truth is just this: you are enough. You have enough. You’re not missing anything.

You have everything you need to make this one life, one amazing life.

Living in His presence is always enough, and nowhere are we more fully in God’s presence than when we are being who He created us to be, embracing and living the gift of our own unique lives, our own unique selves, our own unique dreams.

You will always be more than enough.

What will it take for us to just up and offer the special gifts we have to offer? More motivation? More talent or vision?

Or maybe just more knowing that what we have to offer is enough, and more than enough.

It can be hard to think so. Hard to hear the world tell us no, that’s not right. You’re mistaken.

Hard to refuse to buy the story of not enough.

But the Truth is the Truth.

You have enough.

You are enough.

No matter what the man behind the curtain is telling you.


{a gently re-edited post from the archives}


“You always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” (~Glinda the good witch) “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” (~Maya Angelou)

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