It is so easy to give up.

So easy to let dreams die and forget what you really want.

It is so easy to forget yourself. Too easy.

What’s that saying? The one that tries to explain why we let go of our dreams easy, like it’s easy to explain giving away a piece of your heart?

Life gets in the way.

Yes, I remember. You too?

Life gets in the way.

And we – I – give it permission to, all the time. Because it’s the “right” thing to do. Right?

We have jobs and partners and children and finances to deal with. There are dirty dishes and dirty carpets and sticky counters and who in the world will see to it that the bills get paid and the lawn gets mowed if we don’t do it?

So we fill up our hours and weeks and maybe even a whole life with things-to-do, and we let go of what we’re really here to do.

The truth is that no matter how many dishes are stacked on the counter, you are not here on this planet just to see to it that they get put away.

You’re here for so much more.

Oh but it’s so easy to tell ourselves that we’ll take up that hobby later, when we have time.

So easy to promise ourselves that we’ll write the novel later, when we have time. That we’ll put together a plan for opening that business, learn to ski or sculpt or take a few minutes to dance – later. When we have time.

But the only time we really have is this time. This now. This moment.

Could be that you were born for this moment. It could be that your dreams are waiting to be born too.

Look, I know you’re amazing. And I know those dreams you have are amazing too.

And now just might be the perfect time to stop letting life get in the way of them.



“The future is always beginning now.” (~Mark Strand)

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