I need another pet.

Specifically, a dog.

This has just dawned on me. And by “just” I mean just in the last ten minutes.

Or maybe days.

Possibly weeks.

I say “another” because I do have a goldfish. And of course I love her. Her name is Grace. Of course. And she is not only still alive after two years, but seems to like me. So I’m not saying that she doesn’t count as a pet. It’s just that when I get home and call out “Hi Gracie, I’m home!” she doesn’t come running.

Not that my cat ever did either, but still, sometimes he let me hold him.

So you see, I need a dog.

This was my last dog. His name was Kori. And he was always SOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYY to see me when I came home from work. Or came back in from getting the mail. Or came back from the other room. Because dogs are amazing like that.

Of course, I think that really what I need is a cat. Or two. Because we live in the middle of the woods and the mice are a bit of an issue. Which I learned on Thanksgiving.

But of course, I wouldn’t get a pet just to have it work for me. I mean, that doesn’t seem right. But I do love cats. So I will probably get one.

Or possibly two.

But here’s what’s dawned on me in the last ten minutes…that there is nothing quite like returning home to a DOG!


Because the thing is, no matter how long you’ve been gone – an hour or five hours or five minutes – they are always so incredibly GLAD that you’re home.

And frankly, I’ve missed this.

I’ve missed this ever since my kids started middle school.

And I think that it’s high time that I stop missing this.

So that’s why I think I need a dog. Makes perfect sense.

And also, dogs make great photography subjects. Which I really need, now that it’s practically winter and all of the wildlife around here is hiding.

Yep. Definitely.

A dog.

Which should make the whole crazy-busy-holiday season just that much more eventful.

Sounds fun.


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