how to have a good day

1 – Get up at 4:30 am.

2 – Skip the coffee and go for a run instead.

3 – Ignore #1. Sleep until you’re rested. Or until your alarm rings. (see #13)

4 – Ignore #2. Are you kidding me?

5 – Okay, fine, go for a run first. But then have some coffee. Or tea, if you’re a tea-kind-of-person.

6 – If running’s not your jam, work in some form of exercise at some point during the day. Yoga’s good. Walking works wonders. Try to schedule this in, and really, really, really try to make it non-negotiable. Trust me.

7 – Eat a healthy breakfast. Or at least a banana. No need to get all crazy about it.

8 – Write out a plan for your day the night before. Which, obviously, is not much help now since we’re already at number 8, but hey, there’s always tomorrow right?

9 – Get outside for ten minutes. Twenty would be better. I know it’s cold/hot/rainy, but it’s good for the body and soul. Someplace where there are trees would be great. Walking while you’re out there would be the best. (see #6)

10 – If it is cold outside and you’re running your heat inside, please moisturize. Often.

11 – Turn your phone off for ten minutes every hour. Or at least turn off social media notifications. Twenty minutes would be better. You will get so much more done. You’re welcome.

12 – Make real food for dinner. You know, like the kind you actually chop and cook yourself. Mostly plants would be good. Not too much would be good too.

13 – Turn off the screens an hour before you turn in. Put the cellphone in another room if you’ve got an alarm clock handy. If you don’t (and trust me, I’m not judging you if you don’t…I think I last had an alarm clock in 2009), at least turn your phone upside down or put it across the room. Oh, and set an alarm so you get up on time tomorrow. But not for like, you know, 4:30 or anything crazy.

14 – Spend at least half an hour reading a good book. You’ll know it’s a good book if you don’t want to stop after half an hour. Make a mental note to get more good books.

15 – Write out a plan for tomorrow, so that number 8 is already taken care of.

16 – Write down three things that you’re thankful for today. Or just speak them. Or just think them. And remember…tomorrow there’ll be more to be grateful for.

{a gently re-edited post from the archives}


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