Dear you who feels the world pressing down hard these days…

who doesn’t know when the weight of it will all just end already…

who worries and wonders and wishes this whole wide world would just become easy again, become kind again, become better again…

Dear you and me and everyone who wonders sometimes when the hard will stop…

…it’s time to stop.

Time. To. Just. Stop.

Stop worrying. Stop wondering. Stop forgetting to breathe.

Stop forgetting to smile. Please stop forgetting to smile.

Please stop forgetting to dream and play and be kind, especially to yourself.

Please stop forgetting that this world and this life have been hard before, but as long as there are people who care (and there are) the hard won’t last forever.

Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts forever, so cherish every moment. Hug the people you love a little harder. Breathe a little deeper. (Maybe even take a pause or two today for just a minute to simply breathe deep and feel the miracle of that?)

Nothing lasts forever, so maybe smile a little more today, or dream or even just play for a bit?

Nothing lasts forever, so maybe today be a little kinder, especially to yourself?

It really is a good time to stop worrying and wondering and forgetting to breathe, because nothing lasts forever.

Not even the hard things.



“Peace begins with a smile.” (~Mother Teresa) “Stop worrying and start living.” (~Dale Carnegie)

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