You know what’s super-common?

People who have more than one amazing thing that they love to do. More than one passion, talent, or creative venture that they’d like to explore.

You know what’s even more common?

People who think that they have to choose one – and only one – of them and forget about the rest. Which often turns out to be the very thing that keeps them from pursuing any, because they find it impossible to choose just one.

To which my response is: who says you have to choose just one? Is there some universal law that says that you cannot have more than one passion? Dream more than one dream?

Will the earth will stop spinning on its axis if you decide that you want to do (gasp!) more than one thing?

I don’t think so. Seriously, where did we ever come up with that idea?

I know, I know – focus. Right?

Keep the goal front-and-center. Eyes on the prize. Minimize distractions.

That’s the mantra.

But honestly, even those of us who do have just one dream don’t devote our entire lives to it. I mean, we have families. We have friends. We take vacations.

We need to do these things, need to take time away from even the dreamiest dream to re-fuel and re-charge and, frankly, just enjoy something else.

Look, if you’ve got more than one venture that you’re passionate about, it does not mean that you aren’t focused, that you have trouble with decision-making, that there is, inherently, something wrong with you because you obviously don’t know what you want. And it most definitely does not mean that you’re a flake.

It just means is that you’re multi-passionate.

If this is who you are, then I say you should celebrate it. And know that you absolutely do not have to choose just one of your dreams and throw the rest out the window. Of course, it may turn out that you devote more time and attention to one particular goal during certain phases – when you’re working with a deadline, for example, you’re probably going to spend more time writing your novel than, say, decorating cakes. But once that book is shipped off to the publisher, you can bake to your heart’s content.

Also, and I really can’t stress this enough, pursuing a passion does not necessarily have to put money in the bank.

Now, if you want to brand yourself as the most knowledgeable and talented in your field, then by all means have at it. I love to see people aim high.

I’m just saying that just because you’re passionate about your hobby of jewelry making, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get all monetize-the-heck-out-of-it.

Sometimes your passion is supposed to be your hobby.

If it makes you happy to do, and you really couldn’t care less about earning a dime from it, I’d say you have an amazing hobby that’s totally adding to your life’s joy.

Of course, sometimes you want to turn it up a notch. Which is fine too. But my point is – no one outside of yourself can tell you which to choose. That’s for you to decide. And whatever you decide – to focus on one thing, to celebrate your passion for many things, to monetize or just happily hobby away at it – the whole point of pursuing your dreams is to create a life that you love.

So, without stressing too much about picking just one, delight in all of your delightful dreams.


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