You already know.

You already know the answer to that question you keep asking for opinions on.

What do your friends think?

What does your sister think?

What would you do?

What should I do?

You ask and ask and ask when the truth is that you already know whether to make the change, take the chance, accept the invitation, leave the job or the situation (or stay and try one more time).

You know the answer.

But you still ask.

Me too. I do the same. We all do the same. There’s a reason we all keep asking, a reason we don’t listen to ourselves.

It’s not insecurity.

When you keep asking everyone else’s opinion, it’s usually because you’re afraid of your own answer.

The hard truth is the right answer is usually not the easy thing to do.

The right answer may put you right out on a limb. It may tell you to try something you have no guarantee of succeeding at. It may tell you to stay put and stay open and try one more time to reach out and reconcile.

Yes, seek counsel if you need it. Yes, it’s fine to gather opinions. For a time. But if you’re constantly gathering opinions in order to avoid making a decision, you really do have to ask yourself if you’re just not willing to listen to what you know.

At the end of the day, no one else can ever really know your own right answer, except you.

So maybe it’s time to listen to you.


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