It’s the hardest part of the yoga practice, or maybe of any practice.

Not just on day one, but on day seven and day thirty-seven and day 107.

Showing up.

Showing up is how we start.

Starting is not static – it’s something we must do again and again, every day. There’s no other way to build anything – an exercise habit, a new skill, a business.

To succeed, we have to choose to show up, start again, every day.

Whether it’s day 1 or 100.

When we show up to the mat, we start. When we show up to the class, we start. When we show up at the keyboard, we start.

And when we start, so does the magic.



“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”(~Zig Ziglar) “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” (~J. B. Priestley)

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