We all know that when you step out into the unknown and start taking steps towards living a life you dream of, that you’re going to run into a few obstacles. One of the biggest?


This tag-a-long shows up, quite reliably, every time we start forging a path where no path was before

This is completely normal. This is actually fear’s job – to keep you safe from the unknown. This is a good thing if, say, you’re about to step on a rattlesnake. Or enter a really dark, scary cave. Alone. In the woods. At night.

You’re probably not going to do that, is what I’m guessing. You’re probably going to do something less dangerous.

But fear doesn’t know that. In fact, fear doesn’t know the difference between a potential bear attack and ukulele lessons. All fear knows is that whatever it is you’re going to do is unknown, so it does its job and shows up.

And no, you can’t stop it from showing up.

But it doesn’t have to stop you.

Fear is not a brick wall. It has no claws to hold you down. It can talk to you but it cannot compel you to do, or not do, anything. It cannot tell you where to go.

It might tag along.

It will definitely tag along.

But it can’t stop you from stepping out on that path.



“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” (~Japanese Proverb) “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” (~Dale Carnegie)

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