Two little words that speak volumes.

Two little words. The merest beginning of a thought. Start of a sentence.

“If only…”

How would you finish it?

Most of the time we fill out the rest of the story with regrets. We finish the sentence with what we cannot change, cannot have, cannot do, undo, or re-do.

Most of the time “if only” prompts us to think of failure, regret, sadness.

“If only…the saddest words in the English language.” (~Kristan Higgins)

Yeah, maybe. Maybe they are. Or have been.

But I wonder…do they have to be? Really?

What if we can we turn “if only”, around?

What if we can turn “if only” into something better?

What if “if only” can actually be grace?

If only I try, I may succeed.

If only I forgive, I will be free.

If only I choose to look forward instead of looking back, I will find hope.

If only I take this one small step today, I will be one step closer to where I really want to be.

If only.

Sad words. Or hopeful words.

Maybe even grace words.

It all depends on how you finish that sentence, how choose to finish it. Because you do get to choose.

We always get to choose.

Hope or regret.

Opportunity or failure.

The future or the past.

Grace can be found in “if only” too.

If only we choose to see it.


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