And if all you did today was survive this day – you’re doing great.


And really? We all have them.

Days when you’re up against pretty much everything, when there’s just too much messy and not enough beauty. When you’re tired and tried and you’ve tried everything you can think to try and not one bit of it is working.

Every single one of us has them, even if we don’t see them coming.

And if all you can do is make it through, you’re doing great.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

There are hard days in any life.

In every life.

When the money’s gone, or the dream, or the job, or the parent or the friend or the love.

Days when it feels like hope’s gone, and you might just think you’re a goner too.

And if today that’s the hand you got?

And if the best you could do was just survive it all?

You’re doing great.


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