When we show kindness to others we change the world. We also change ourselves.

And I think we all know this.

So why does it sometimes seem as if the world is so unkind? How is it that we’re so busy rushing around or staring at screens, that we don’t connect even though we’re more connected than we’ve ever been?

Here’s the thing – everyone on the planet (me, you, your annoying cousin, and that neighbor who turns his mower on at 6:15 every Saturday morning) needs to feel significant. Special. Important.

Everyone needs to know that they matter.

It’s a human thing.

And the thing is, when we do feel significant, special, and important we become more loving, more open, more inclusive, and more likely to help others. Which is what will change the world.

How do you change the world?


“A drop of kindness in life’s ocean sends ripples far and wide.” (~LuAnne Mellish)


Kindness speaks volumes.

One kind act can tell someone that they’re loved, that they’re important.

That they matter.

Call it “pay it forward”, or doing-unto-others, or the golden rule. Call it whatever you like. The words don’t matter, only the doing does.

And we all know that the doing isn’t always easy.

We might not have the time or the inclination or, frankly, be feeling very kind. But you don’t need to feel all warm and fuzzy to be kind. Kindness isn’t what you feel – it is what you do.

You might have to go out of your way, true, but your one kind act might very well be the way out of loneliness, despair, or just plain old sadness for someone.

Might even be a way out for you.

One kind act can change the world.

One kind act might even change a life.



“A drop of kindness in life’s ocean sends ripples far and wide.” (~LuAnne Mellish) “Kind people are the best kind of people.” (~Unknown)

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