You know the question. “Will this matter in a thousand years?”

Generally, the answer is no. And that’s a good thing. The question is intended, of course, to help us gain perspective. Is it really that important that the bakery is out of blueberry scones this morning? Is it really that important that you burnt the pizza? Is it really that important that you win the fight?

Generally, the answer is no. (Unless, say, you’re working on world peace and are one step away from achieving it. That would definitely matter.)

But let’s face it, most of our problems don’t really come close to that. So mostly, the answer is no.

The question is designed to give perspective. And it does, which is good. It can also help lower your stress level. That’s good too.

But it doesn’t actually give you any help with the problem at hand, if the problem is that you’ve got a problem to solve and no clue how to solve it.

So the question of whether or not it’s going to matter in a thousand years isn’t really much help.

What is helpful?

Maybe just ten minutes of stopping, stepping away, getting out of your own way for a bit.

It doesn’t matter if you stop to meditate, take a walk, get a cup of tea, or just crank up some crazy dance music and rock it out in your living room.

It just matters that you step away from the problem for ten minutes.

If you want to bring some chocolate into the experience, that’s totally up to you.

What happens in those ten minutes?

You create some space. You refresh your vision. You clear your mind so your mind can clearly think.

And then, you step back, because you’re motivated and you really do need to solve this problem. And you do. Because it matters to you.

And really, what is life for if not for doing something that matters to you?

Even if it won’t matter in a thousand years.






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