Yeah, so life can really stink sometimes.

Not every day.

And not every thing.

But still.

Enough days and enough things to make you sort of kind of shake your head and wonder why it has to be so hard.

Why indeed?

Why all this hurt and all this hard and all this heartache, and really – is this how a good God wants us to live?

And I mean, I’m just saying…why can’t He just snap His holy fingers and help us figure all of this out?

Figure out how to stop the fights that’re halfway across the world and the closer ones that’re halfway across the table? Figure out how to stop jealousy and hate and snarky comments that slip out too frequently, from others and from selves.

Yeah, so – God, so can you just get a move on here? We’re all sort of messed up and seems like this mess might just be a bit too overwhelming for us all.

I read it in some book, me searching for insights or answers or maybe just some holy wisdom.

Hallelujah anyway.

Hallelujah anyway.

Really? Anyway?

It’s sort of unbelievable to think that you can stand in the middle of the chaos of life and dare to say it – hallelujah anyway.

Because so much of life is hard. And so much of life is brutal. And so many relationships are dying and far too many people are too, and hope might spring eternal but if no one’s there to show you hope, well, that can sort of die too.

But then, there are sunrises.

And there are sons.

And there are hummingbirds and peacocks and mountains and lakes and girlfriends, and movies that make you laugh and movies that make you cry and opera and guitars too.

There are shoulders that show up for leaning on and crying on.

The human existence is excruciating.

And breathtaking.


And amazing.



Yeah. I think so.

Hallelujah anyway.

Hallelujah anyway because there is beauty, despite the brutality.

Hallelujah anyway because even in the loss, there is gain. Of wisdom. Of gratitude. Of perseverance. Of strength.

Hallelujah anyway because even though I don’t know all that tomorrow will bring, I do know that it will bring a sunrise and a sunset and the opportunity to smile and to laugh and to love, even if I have to go looking for them.

Hallelujah anyway.

Hallelujah anyway because there is still beauty that moves us, songs that speak to the soul, and people who care.

Hallelujah anyway because there is work to be done, but that’s okay because I have hands and feet and a heart and can do what I can do, even though I can’t do it all.



Hallelujah anyway.


{an edited re-post from the archives}