Because it’s Monday.

And because you know, it’s good to work and be productive and focus, but it’s also kinda good to take a break now and then and maybe do a bit of smiling…

…to remember that there’s an awful lot of good in this world and joy in this world and love in this world, no matter what else happens to be in this world…

…if you look for it.


(still laughing)



Now this is a neat idea…a live streamed internet show, surprising people in their living rooms with their favorite artist singing their favorite song…a string quartet, bass, percussion…all in your living room? The motto of the show is “We’re going to keep the music alive, One Living Room At A Time”. Love-love-love this!



I’ve posted this before, but seriously? It just never gets old…



So, this is what happens when you throw hot tea into the air in the Arctic…amazing.

Even more amazing? Some of the best photos – 100 actually – ever taken without photoshop.



When you’re tempted to give up. Just…this.



And always…my wish is that what you dream is what you do…

…what you do is what you dream…

…and what you become, is all that you’re meant to be.

Happy Monday.