‘Twas the day before Christmas and some place, somewhere

a baby is born, taking first breath of air.

Baby boys, baby girls, born to hardship or ease,

but all of them, all of them, Christ Jesus sees.

He loves them so much that He came to the earth

put skin on Himself, pushed through tunnel of birth.

Tomorrow we celebrate birth of that Babe,

but today let’s remember it’s love that He gave.

Love He put in our hearts, not to clutch but to give.

Love He wants us to show to all others who live.

To the one who is hurting,

the one with no home.

To the ones who are desperate,

and the ones all alone.

For this is the reason He came to the earth.

This is the reason for His holy birth.

To fill up our hearts with His own Holy one,

so that we, too, will love all God’s daughters and sons.

‘Twas the day before Christmas and some place, a start…

As the Child is born, in somebody’s heart.