One in four-hundred-trillion. Or something like that. Those are the odds of you being born, so they say.



Well, I don’t know the veracity of the numbers. Could be right. Could be wrong. There are about a zillion Google results to that query, some say the number’s spot on, and some say it’s not.

But I’m not sure that the number even matters.

I think you’re a miracle regardless of the odds of your being born, simply because God says so.

And I believe that you’re worthy for the exact same reason.

The very fact that you’re here, and you’re breathing, – that you were created by Divine Love – should right there be reason enough to shut down all argument that you’re not worthy.

That your dreams aren’t worthy.

That your ideas aren’t worthy.

That you aren’t worthy.

Here’s the truth: YOU. ARE. WORTHY.

So much.

And you always have been.

God knows. God always knows, you know.

And God knows I’m so tired of seeing amazing and beautiful and so-unbelievably-worthy-you-can’t-even-imagine women (and men) apologize for their dreams and their ideas and their self.

I know that I can’t change the world (more’s the pity). But maybe, together, we can make a stab at it?

Maybe together we can just all agree that we’re gonna be the ones who stand up and support each other, respect each other, cheer each other on and remind each other that those things that make us different? They’re the things that make us beautiful. And precious. And so-unbelievably-worthy-you-can’t-even-imagine.

One in four-hundred-trillion.

Or thereabouts.